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Hi, I am Bob Cisewski, the inventor and founder of Hunter Seat.

The idea for developing Hunter Seat originated from my own hunting experiences. I am an avid archery hunter and have hunted many species of game for over 25 years – beginning long before I was old enough to hunt alone, as I accompanied my dad on hunts at an early age.


My hunting personality is not one of settling for conventional hunting practices and equipment. Many times I have found that the natural characteristics of the very best spot simply were not conducive to hunting. Typically I would find that the area that I wanted to hunt did not hold trees suitable for safely placing a tree stand. One example that I vividly recall was an old brushy pasture that was absent of large trees. It was a beautiful spot to hunt, but I struggled to hunt it! I would kneel down in some cover around the fence line until my legs became numb and I could barely move. Over and over again, I would say to myself, “I need to find a new way to hunt.”

Hunter Seat Features

The Hunter Seat - front

2-prong upper -
rests against most
natural surfaces

The Hunter Seat - front

nylon shoulder
strap for easy

The Hunter Seat - front

powder coated
steel tubing -
rugged up to 300lbs.

The Hunter Seat - front

3-prong base
“grabs” most ground
terrain and keeps
seat from slipping

The Hunter Seat - side

padded camo

Size of the Hunter Seat

seat height while
in use: 22 in.

The Hunter Seat - side

overall weight
4 lbs.

The evolution of Hunter Seat

My son and I came up with several versions of a screw-in or strap-on mobile hunting seat, but they always had the same flaws of the existing seats that we saw on the market: too noisy, too clumsy, just not quite right. Finally, my determination to find a trouble-free solution produced the idea behind Hunter Seat. I thought, how about using existing fixed objects in the landscape and applying gravity to my favor? I went to work and developed the first prototype in my shop. Next, I tried it out on the small trees in my yard, it really worked! I could set it up on every tree with ease, and it took no time at all to set it up. I soon found that I could be sitting comfortably against any tree in about 2 to 5 seconds. Not only could I set up to hunt wherever there was a solid tree, but now I could hunt from in front of a round bail on the edge of a hayfield or next to a fence post. After I found my initial spot and then realized that I should have been a little farther this way – or that way – I had the ability to pick up and move to that perfect location, instantly.

Hunter Seat – a hunter’s success

The very first buck that I harvested using the Hunter Seat was taken only months after its invention. The photo of the buck with the 5” drop tine represents the very first deer that was hunted by a hunter using the Hunter Seat. He walked out behind a large oak tree to my fully drawn compound bow at 8 yards, when I let the arrow fly. Yes, I was able to take the buck of a lifetime from the ground. I firmly believe that the Hunter Seat increased my chances of success.

The buck that I harvested with a muzzleloader on the last day of the season couldn’t be a coincidence. This deer, which walked within 5 yards of me, wandered out from behind a thicket of brush when he met my sabot bullet. He was so close that I literally had to choose which hairs to shoot between! He came that close to me while I sat on my Hunter Seat. My success was largely due to my ability to set up exactly where I wanted to, without compromising because of limited tree size or tree availability.

A taxidermist friend of mine has also provided many accounts of hunting success, taking many deer from his Hunter Seat. He shot one while bow hunting, one during the gun hunting season, and still another with his muzzleloader. His father even shot a buck while using the upper Y part of the Hunter Seat as a shooting rest! While hunting I also found out firsthand how well the seat can help stabilize you where the ground is unstable and steep. While crawling up a side hill in the bluffs around our area it kept me on my feet a lot more than I would have been without it. The use of it as a walking stick is also a strong feature of the Hunter Seat.

Final thoughts to consider

Some people don’t believe in hunting from the ground and that there’s no better place to be than above the senses of the animal you are hunting. While I have to agree with the many advantages of hunting from an elevated tree stand, some of my most memorable events have occurred while hunting from good ol’ mother earth. I love to grab a spot right around the corner to catch that big boy skirting my familiar tree stand. Those little groves of small trees that big bucks will frequent – usually to mark trees or scratch fresh dirt from their scrapes – are wonderful places to hunt! If you use your imagination and your sense for hunting, the Hunter Seat will get you in and out of those places you can’t place a tree stand. In addition to being an outstanding deer hunting chair, the Hunter Seat is an awesome turkey hunting chair! If you decide to give one a try, I think you’ll agree that Hunter Seat is a valuable tool that will increase your hunting versatility. Thank you for checking out my product website and I hope you have a safe and enjoyable hunt. Hunter Seat is not just a seat; it’s a new way to hunt.

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