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Hi, I am Bob Cisewski, the inventor and founder of Hunter Seat.

The idea for developing Hunter Seat originated from my own hunting experiences. I am an avid archery hunter and have hunted many species of game for over 25 years – beginning long before I was old enough to hunt alone, as I accompanied my dad on hunts at an early age.


My hunting personality is not one of settling for conventional hunting practices and equipment. Many times I have found that the natural characteristics of the very best spot simply were not conducive to hunting. Typically I would find that the area that I wanted to hunt did not hold trees suitable for safely placing a tree stand. One example that I vividly recall was an old brushy pasture that was absent of large trees. It was a beautiful spot to hunt, but I struggled to hunt it! I would kneel down in some cover around the fence line until my legs became numb and I could barely move. Over and over again, I would say to myself, “I need to find a new way to hunt.”

Hunter Seat Features

The Hunter Seat - front

2-prong upper -
rests against most
natural surfaces

The Hunter Seat - front

nylon shoulder
strap for easy

The Hunter Seat - front

powder coated
steel tubing -
rugged up to 300lbs.

The Hunter Seat - front

3-prong base
“grabs” most ground
terrain and keeps
seat from slipping