The Hunter Seat is $109.98 for a 2-pack. Due to new shipping regulations, we are only offering the Hunter Seat in 2-packs along with free shipping. This allows the price of each individual seat to remain competitive. Individual seats are not sold separately.

The Hunter Seat weighs less than 4 pounds. The strap makes it almost effortless to carry. You almost don’t know its on your shoulder.

The Hunter Seat is approximately 22 inches from the ground when seated.

The hunter seat has been tested up to 300 Pounds.
Yes this seat is very comfortable. Most existing seats have the seat right up against the tree. This seat is positioned a few inches out from the tree allowing you to use the entire seat surface and to allow you to lean back against the tree. Most people comment on the size of the seat until they sit in it.
This seat sets up in about 2 seconds. You just lean it up against a tree and sit down.
NO. It is designed to be used at ground level only. The lower part of the Hunter Seat needs to dig into the earth in order to keep it secure against the tree.

Hunter Seat Features

The Hunter Seat - front

2-prong upper -
rests against most
natural surfaces

The Hunter Seat - front

nylon shoulder
strap for easy

The Hunter Seat - front