I am going to be bow hunting more from the ground than in a tree this year so I just did a search on Yahoo for portable hunting seats. I thought yours was the best by far. I have had several types of seats throughout my years of hunting. Most attached to the tree with a strap or something and they always loosen up or make some kind of unwanted noise. That’s where I thought yours was best because it goes down to the ground for support and can’t get any easier and quicker to set up. I hunt way back in public hunting areas to get away from other hunters and carry a ghillie suit in a good sized backpack. Then I put the ghillie suit on after getting to my spot. Just thought it might be easier to carry the seat in a backpack since I’m already using one for my ghillie suit.

Ronald P.

Here is the picture. Like a said I don't have the seat in the picture but he was on the hunter seat and I was on another on the same tree. This was his first year hunting since he is only 11. He was so excited to bag his first deer.  The seats work so nice to have the mobility and also to sit on the ground next to him to help teach him about hunting and safety.  I have used the seat in the past and love it every time.  Great product.

Thanks Bob

Randy Baetz

Shipping time was good on my order, construction of the seat looks good and the design well thought out and simple. Thanks for making this product, I've been searching for a good stable, easy packing seat for hunting and this is just the ticket.

I haven't had the opportunity to try the seat in the woods yet, but I can already see I'll be using this a lot this season.

Chance Woolery

Just to let you know I left on a hunting trip the day after I got the seat. Worked great.  I let my Sons best friends father use it and was so comfortable he fell asleep in it. Thought you would like to hear this.

Dennis Dibonaventura

When I first saw the Hunter Seat I was skeptical. It seemed too simple to provide stability and comfort, boy was I wrong! It's a convenient walking stick when getting to my hunting spot and a very comfortable while seated, I won't go hunting without it!

Wild Bill

Since severely injuring my shoulder, there are two things I just can’t do… climb a tree, or draw a bow. Along with switching to a crossbow, the Hunter Seat has helped get me back to enjoying my hunting opportunities. It provides comfortable seating at ground level.

Satisfied Customer

My hunting companions say I’m a “restless turkey hunter”… I’m constantly on the move to locate gobblers. My advantage is the Hunter Seat…when I do locate a gobbler, I can quickly turn ANY tree into a comfortable seating opportunity. Because sometimes the wait takes a little while.

Satisfied Customer

We’ve been doing deer drives for 48 years. They are as much a part of our deer camp as… campfire the night before…

I’m now considered one of the “elders,” so I have earned my place as a “poster." In our camp all of the “elders” have learned the value of the Hunter Seat. It’s great to have as a walking stick on the way to and from the post… but most of all… it provides a comfortable and maneuverable posting seat. Some drives take 2 hours to complete, and having our Hunter Seats makes that long 2 hours go by just a little quicker!!

Satisfied Customer